Moffett truck mounted forklift deliveries

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Moffett truck mounted forklift deliveries

DAF CF coupled to urban trailer with forklift

We operate truck mounted forklifts (Moffetts/Manitou) for deliveries and collections to sites that have either no forklift or other means of offloading. This means that we can offload palletised goods or items up to 2500kgs. They operate the same way as a conventional forklift, but also work well off road. This means they they are ideal for deliveries where a conventional lorry crane may not be able to gain access. We also find them more adaptable than a tail lift.
All of our Machines maintained to LOLER standards. Our drivers have both years of experience and also the required license to operate these machines.  We can supply these forklifts on either curtain side, flat or urban trailers providing a payload of  up to 25,000kgs.

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