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General haulage and distribution services

We operate curtainside trailers on UK wide distribution. This means that we can have vehicles in the four corners of the country. Cargo can range from Foodstuffs, Exhibition Goods, Construction materials or recyclable commodities. The general flexibility of these trailer’s means that we can normally keep loaded on outward and return journeys. We can also supply curtainsider trailer with both tail lift and retractable roof and moffetts options, meaning it’s a diverse fleet.

We specialise in full and part loads. The can also transhipped load for either storage or onward distribution. We can carry a wide range of loads up to 28,000kgs at competitive rates. 

  • Moffett trailers available
  • Tail lift Curtainsiders available
  • Euroliner sliding roofs available
  • ENXL rated trailers
  • Trailers range from 4m-4.5m in height
ByBurden Transport

Moffett truck mounted forklift deliveries


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Moffett-821x1024.jpegWe operate truck mounted forklifts (Moffetts/Manitou) for deliveries and collections to sites that have either no forklift or other means of offloading. This means that we can offload palletised goods or items up to 2500kgs. They operate the same way as a conventional forklift, but also work well off road. They are ideal for deliveries where a conventional lorry crane may not be able to gain access. We also find them more adaptable than a tail lift.
All our Machines are maintained to LOLER standards. Our drivers have both years of experience and  the required license to operate these machines. We can supply these forklifts on either curtain side, flat or urban trailers providing a payload of up to 25,000kgs.

ByBurden Transport

Flat bed deliveries

We operate flatbed trailers for deliveries to the construction and general haulage industries. They are ideal for loads that require crane offloading. We have a range of trailer sizes ranging from standard 13.6m to 9m urban trailers. Both types can be equipped with Moffetts for self offloading. We can also offer fall arrest systems as required by some sites. They have the advantage of being able to move out of gauge or wide loads with ease. Flat trailers have now become rare, but we find them vital for some loads.

ByBurden Transport

Refrigerated deliveries

Since 2018 we have undertaken refrigerated deliveries. Either full or part loads using twin evaloper trailers. This means two different temperatures can be achieved with one trailer. We operate them on both day and night runs to either major growers or RDCs across the country. With a 26 pallets or 26,000kgs carrying capacity. These are normally used for foodstuffs or FMCG. trailers are also equipped with digical themotures and can print out load trip temperatures.

ByBurden Transport

Crane Rigid

We operate a 26T crane rigid to compliment our options. This is fitted with a 39T/M PM Crane meaning it can lift over 7000kgs near vehicle or 2900kgs at 12.5m. With a fully radio control crane means offloading becomes safer. The vehicle has a 7.8m load bed with the addition of a 1.5m pull-out rear extension. It also has twist locks for moving containers. With a carry capacity of 10,500kgs.

39TM Crane for heavy loads

10,500 carrying capacity

Carries loads upto 9m

FORS/Clocs Compliant

Ideal for moving containers/Steel work/Boats/palletised loads

ByBurden Transport

Curtainside rigids

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 514cdd74-64a3-4a8e-b6db-78e469f975bb-1-768x1024.jpg

During the last couple of years we have extended our fleet with the addition of a number of curtainside tail lift rigids. These are Euro 6 tail lift rigid designed for the inner city market. They are FORS Silver, CLOCS and London DVS approved. There equipped with a 1500kg tail lift and pump trucks. It can carry up to 14 standard pallets or 10,000kg’s. They currently undertakes both full loads and multi drops and single pallets and are available at competitive rates for UK distribution.

  • Gross Weight 18,000kgs
  • Payload 10,000kgs
  • Load length 7.5m (14 pallets
  • Overall length 9.8m
  • Tail lift Capacity 1500kgs