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Rigids Complete the Fleet

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During the last year we have extended our fleet with the addition of two rigids. The first is a Euro 6 tail lift rigid designed for the inner city market. It is already registered to London Direct Vision Standard. It is equipped with a 1000kg tail lift and pump trucks. It can carry up to 14 standard pallets or 10,000kg’s. It currently undertakes both full loads and multi drops and single pallets and is available at competitive rates.

Our other addition has been a 26,000kg’s crane truck. This can be equipped with a Brick grab or just a hook depending on the load. It also has a 14 pallet capacity and 13,000kg’s payload. Specially designed for delivering building materials, it is also capable of delivering a multitude of loads and can be offered at either load rates or day rates

Both vehicles are compliant with FORS Silver meaning they can deliver to sites requiring the standard. They come equipped with fully qualified drivers and LOLER certification.

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General haulage and distribution services

We operate Curtainside trailer’s on UK wide distribution. This means that we can have vehicles in the four corners of the country. Cargo can range from Foodstuffs, Exhibition Goods, Construction materials or recyclable commodities. The general flexibility of these trailer’s means that we can normally keep loaded on outward and return journeys. We specialise in full and part loads, and no not have to tranship loads. This means that we can carry loads up to 28,000kgs at competitive rates.  We also have the option of adding a moffett to the back of our trailers meaning they can self load and offload.

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FORS Silver Achieved

We are please to announce that we have recently achieved the FORS silver standard. This has taken a year of planning, additional vehicles and equipment added to the fleet and extensive driver training. This has meant that all drivers have undertaken not only Safe Urban driving courses, but also e-learning modules highlighting cycle safety. All trucks have been fitted with nearside cameras and audio warning devices and we now under take additional demonstrative tasks such as recording co2, NOx and PM levels.
This has not only assisted with existing customers requiring deliveries to FORS sites, but also assures all of our customers that they are using a company with a philosophy for compliance, safety and operational efficiency. We also believe that achieving FORS silver will also open new opportunities to us.

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Moffett truck mounted forklift deliveries

DAF CF coupled to urban trailer with forklift

We operate truck mounted forklifts (Moffetts/Manitou) for deliveries and collections to sites that have either no forklift or other means of offloading. This means that we can offload palletised goods or items up to 2500kgs. They operate the same way as a conventional forklift, but also work well off road. This means they they are ideal for deliveries where a conventional lorry crane may not be able to gain access. We also find them more adaptable than a tail lift.
All of our Machines maintained to LOLER standards. Our drivers have both years of experience and also the required license to operate these machines.  We can supply these forklifts on either curtain side, flat or urban trailers providing a payload of  up to 25,000kgs.

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Flat bed deliveries

We operate flatbed trailer’s for deliveries both to the construction and general haulage industries. They are ideal for loads that require crane offloading. We have a range of trailer sizes ranging from standard 13.6m to 9m urban trailers. Both types can be equipped with Moffetts for self offloading .We can also offer fall arrest systems as required by some sites. We also use these trailers for any cargo that does not require weather protection. Flat trailers have now become rare, but we find them vital for some loads.

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Drivers complete Safe Urban Driver course

FORS fleet operator recognition schemeAll of our drivers have recently completed the FORS Safe Urban Driving Course. This involves drivers swapping places with Cyclists for 3 hours to give them a better understanding of the problems that cyclists have with HGV’s. This hopefully reduces the chances of incidents involving cyclists and HGV’s. Luckily a number of our staff are already regular cyclists. This is also an important part of planned progression to FORS Silver.

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New operating centre offers many benefits

Due to the Burden Transport trucks parked at new operating centreexpansion of our vehicle fleet, we have recently relocated to a new operating centre. Located ideally on the side of the A31 at St Leonards, which is Dorset’s main truck road for going either north or east. The site which has security cameras, is fully fenced and has 24hrs security. It also offers us the option of expanding to customers needs.

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New Euro 6 Volvo for proposed LEZs

New Volvo FH tractor unit couple of heavy duty walking floor trailerWe have recently expanded our fleet with the addition of a Euro 6 Volvo FH Tractor Unit. The unit equipped with a Globetrotter cab and walking floor hydraulics will be used on a combination of walking floor recycling deliveries and also UK general haulage. With the benefit of Euro 6 emission standards the vehicle can travel thought all LEZs currently planned. This compliments our existing fleet of Euro 5 vehicles.

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Walking floor trailers

We currently operate a range walking floor® trailers. These are used in the recycling industry for the transportation of commodities such as Biomass, Waste wood, Compost, Green Waste, Paper and Glass. This all reduces the need to send waste streams to landfill. We send these trailer both to local destinations and nationwide. These trailers have the added bonus of being able to reload both standard bulk cargo and palletised goods. We can offer both standard walking floors and heavy duty trailer’s for loads such as waste wood or glass.
WALKING FLOOR® is a worldwide trademark of KEITH Mfg. Co.